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itmail is a customer communication solutions specialist that is uniquely placed in the marketplace.

Being mailhouse and supplier agnostic, itmail partners with you to provide access to the latest technology and process innovation to help you gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our expertise on reducing mailing costs has helped our clients communicate with their customers faster and better while helping them in the transition to electronic communications........all based on the customers’ preferred communication channel. This has been achieved by:

  1. Understanding your customer and their needs
  2. Understanding your data
  3. Understanding your business processes
  4. Understanding the process at the mailhouse used to generate and distribute your customer communications – both DM and essential mail
  5. Leveraging the latest print and electronic communications technology – both in Australia and internationally
  6. Using open source software allowing you to move away from legacy systems and propriety owned software
  7. Considering both the outbound and inbound mail processes

We partner with you to find the latest solution using the best available technology (nationally and internationally) to meet your rapidly changing customer and business needs.

By combining our industry expertise and access to infinite suppliers and solutions, we allow our clients to move their focus from daily operational issues to core business and strategy.

We anticipate your needs because we‘ve been there