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Large changes to your legacy systems, whether in-house or at the mailhouse, aren't required for you to achieve cost reductions and more effective communications. itmail can prepare your data, provide print ready files to your existing suppliers and identify ways for you to reduce your postage costs


Having access to your own business rules and mailhouse programs is necessary for you to access the latest innovation in print technology. itmail can help you reduce your print costs, improve the effectiveness of your communications without being locked into contracts.


Receiving both Direct Marketing and transactional mail electronically is increasingly being demanded by customers. itmail can distribute your customer communications via email, manage undelivered emails and your unsubscribe lists.


Understanding how you communicate with your customers now and how you need to communicate with them in the future is key to identifying the right solution for your business. itmail can assess your current business practice to help you identify the best solutions.

Project Management

Demonstrating the ROI to change the way you generate your customer communications begins with the business case. itmail can assist in developing your business case as well as providing project management expertise during the implementation of the project.

Imaging Archival

Inbound customer mail drives resource intensive processes and delays in handling customer enquiries. itmail can help you remove these processes by outsourcing this function or automating the in-house process.